A Free Version of the Mystic Nights Quilt Pattern & WSS Coupons

If you are a quilter or just a quilt enthusiast then you may have seen the gorgeous Mystic Nights quilt pattern which is a variation on the Bargello family of quilt patterns. Please note the image above is not the Mystic Nights pattern, although it is close. If you wanted to give it a try, you may have gone searching for a free version of the pattern online which may be why you are here. I have some bad news for you: I have not yet found a free version of the Mystic Nights quilt pattern available online. What I do have for you today is some alternatives, as well as some WSS coupons for back to school for the kids. I know quilters are a thrifty bunch, so I’m always on the lookout for good coupons to share with you.

WSS Coupons

If you haven’t heard of WSS before, it’s a shoe store & website that sells shoes online. Sometimes, buying shoes online can be a bit of a gamble, especially for kids, because you don’t really know if they are going to fit until they arrive. However, my grandsons tend to wear out their shoes pretty quickly, and we generally know what size they need so it makes sense to order at a discount online. It’s also easy to do a return if the shoes happen to not fit when they arrive, and they don’t even charge you for the return postage like a lot of other online retailers.

I like to shop for the grandkids at WSS because they have the best prices, and they have all the brands that are popular with kids. Sometimes I even get something for myself, they have some amazing deals in their clearance section! All orders over $99 ship free as well, which is a nice bonus. And always use one of their coupons, there is almost always one available!

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Mystic Nights Quilt Pattern

If you are unfamiliar, the Mystic Nights Quilt pattern is a weave of colours on a black background that is meant to invoke images of the night sky. The black background with the specific weave of bright colours overlaid is what makes it a ‘Mystic Night’ pattern as opposed to a different Bargello pattern. There are lots of different variations on the Bargello, but Mystic Night is one of the most beautiful in my opinion. It’s a modern version of the pattern family, and definitely time consuming to make yourself.

Purchase a Mystic Nights Quilt Kit or Pattern

You used to be able to buy the kits for the Mystic Nights quilt that included fabric and a pattern, but I have not seen one in some time. It’s possible that your local quilting shop might have one but in the online space they are very difficult to come by. However, I have found a pattern online for $10 from Lockwood Quilts. Search their website for ‘Mystic Nites’ or just have a look through their Bargello quilt patterns. I know, it’s not free but $10 isn’t bad at all, especially for a quilt pattern this complex. Plus look at it this way: this quilt is going to take you hours. You’d spend more than $10 on a 2 hour movie, and you don’t have a beautiful quilt to show for it at the end. You’re getting great value here!

Create your own pattern

Like all Bargello quilts, Mystic Nights is a mathematical pattern albeit quite a complex one. If you have the inclination, you could recreate the pattern for yourself. I have seen software that is free to download that will help you design your Bargello patterns, however this was some time ago and I’m not sure if there are versions that will work with modern computers and operating systems. Going over how to make your own Bargello pattern from scratch is a bit beyond the scope of this article here, but if you do a Google search there are videos and blog posts about it out there. The drawback is that most of those tutorials are for much simpler versions of the Bargello, to achieve the Mystic Nights pattern you’re going to have to get clever and do some work. Personally I’d just spend the $10 and buy the Lockwood pattern, but maybe you enjoy a challenge and are not as lazy as I am!