Tips For Your Visit to Ye Olde Schoolhouse:

We’re always looking forward to quilting enthusiasts visiting us from all around the world. But what we’ve noticed lately is that people like to make a weekend out of it.

They rent a car and drive up the coast, and they will visit us as part of a larger journey visiting smaller museums and exhibits all along the way. Frankly, we love how creative people can be. So we created an quick how-to guide for those you visiting Yeoldeschoolhouse on a budget:

If You’re Renting a Vehicle, Use Coupons.

This is a simple thing that can make a whole heck of a big difference in your travelling budget. Promo codes are free and always available if you’re willing to look for them. Budget Rent-a-Car, in particular, has a weekend special rate that means you can rent a pretty cool looking car as you drive up here (careful on those windy roads!)

If you’re from the U.K., then we would recommend you use this uk voucher for your car rental.

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More Ways to Cut Traveling Costs:

If you are like most people, you eagerly look forward to your annual vacation, but you may also fear the cost of the vacation. However, the good news is that it is possible to save substantially on vacation expenses through careful planning. By keeping the costs under control as much as possible, you can spend less time worrying about the cost of the vacation and spend more time simply enjoying the vacation.

Plan Carefully:

Any popular vacation destination will have some weeks that are busier than others. Whether it is due to a holiday, a business conference or other event, those busy weeks are often the most expensive ones to take a vacation. This is due to a number of factors including higher demand causing an increase in prices and a general scarcity of inexpensive accommodation and entertainment options as they are quickly booked. It is a good idea for you to compare room and flight costs from one week to another if you can be flexible about the weeks that you travel.

Dine Out Less:

The costs of dining out often represent a significant portion of the total amount of money that most people spend on vacation. A good first step to reducing meal costs is to take advantage of any free breakfasts offered by your hotel or other lodging. To further reduce meal costs, you should plan on eating as many meals as possible in your room. Food can be brought to the room to make sandwiches and other easy meals for lunch and snacks. When you do dine out, you should spend some time looking for specials and coupons that can result in significant savings. You should also keep in mind that most restaurants at resort locations offer more generous specials and discounts for those eating on weekdays.

Budget Pocket Money 

Personal finance coupon websites all agree: a daily spending limit isn’t only a good idea for kids; it is a good idea for adults as well. The costs of snacks from food vendors and the purchase of souvenirs and other trinkets can quickly add up.

While on vacation, you should set a daily spending amount for yourself and your children. It would be ideal for you to carry only enough cash in your pocket each day to cover the budgeted amount in order to avoid overspending.

In fact, studies have shown that people spend less money on shopping trips when using cash than when using credit or debit cards. For this reason, spending cash is always a good way to save money.

While you should work diligently to avoid overspending, it is also important for the vacation to be fun and relaxing. However, through careful planning you can take care of most of the vacation budgeting and worrying at home. This will allow you to simply enjoy your vacation and get the rest and relaxation that you deserve.