How to Make a Photo Quilt.

Quilting: An art to Decorate Your Home with Comfort.

Quilts are keeping us warm and cosy for centuries. No winter is complete without a comfortable and beautiful quilt. They are available in a variety of attractive floral and other eye-catching patterns in different shapes and sizes. They can be either handmade or machine stitched.

The process of quilting involves sewing the three layers including the Quilt Top, the Wadding and the Backing. A number of different techniques or a combination of them can be used to prepare a quilt. With time, there have been various advancements has been done in the methods of making quilts.

Hand Quilting

In hand quilting, quilting frame or hoop is used. There is a special needle called etween’ which is used to pass the quilting thread through the three layers of fabric. Hand quilting is an art in itself as it requires the quilter to make perfectly spaced stitches which are also tiny to give it an even look. For machine quilting, special machines are there which are capable of creating different designs.

Quilting is also a way to show patterns on the cloth which show around the design on the cloth and enhance its look. It can be done in a itch’ way where the stitching is done near the seam line of the patch. Other ways include accent, motif, selective, outline, fill and allover. Designing a quilt also depends upon the type of cloth and print you select. Quilt adds a touch of glamour to the décor and personalisation can give a peaceful feel to your home.

Photo Quilts = Modern Memoirs

Today you can find photo quilts which not only look amazing but are also a great memoir. They make a wonderful gift or give a whole new look to your interior. A combination of artistic photos or a family collage is a perfect way to express your feelings at an event. You can either buy customised photo quilts or create one by yourself.
If you wish to order them online, you can choose the photos and the pattern and hand it on to the supplier. You can also design your own quilt and create an awesome design to give a whole new life to your bedding. You may wonder how to make a photo quilt by yourself. You can give a personal touch to your quilt by designing one yourself.
The process of making a photo quilt start with the selection of pictures and the pattern with which you want them to be placed on the quilt.

You can create a patchwork quilt or an all over one as your design suggestions.

Here are a few steps to explain how to make a photo quilt –
a. Designing a patchwork quilt is best suitable if you are looking for how to make a photo quilt. Select the right photos according to your theme like it is going to be a family collage, for christening, to gift your loved ones, of your kid’s childhood memories and so on.
b. Then you have to select a perfect fabric of quilt which suits your requirement. It should match the size of your bed like king size, queen size or a small one for kids. You need white cotton fabric on which the photos can be printed and enough cloth for backing and binding.
c. Next, you have to transfer the photos on the fabric. There can be multiple ways with which you can do this. There are certain commercial solvents available in the market like Bubble Jet Set 2000 which you can use to do the picture transfer yourself. Use your inkjet printer and run your fabric on it. This is a lengthy but cheaper process. Another way is to use printable fabrics which are pre-treated and are compatible with the ink-jet printers.
d. Then you have to sew all the printed blocks together to complete the picture.
e. Finally, join all the layers and do the quilting to sew them together in rows one by one. You should try to create long rows.

Wash the prepared quilt with a mild detergent to get the best results. The designing of a quilt is boundless and is limited only by your imagination. If you have ideas we can make a quilt as per your requirement.