How To Bind A Quilt With Mitered Corners.

Quilts are usually stereotyped as what grandmothers used to sew as a gift for the grand children. Moreover, it is also that warm and toasty blanket that you use every night.

But have you always wanted to have that skill to recreate her masterpieces? Perhaps you have a quilt that needs a gorgeous border as its final touch. Well you’re in luck. Just keep reading to learn how to bind a quilt with mitered corners that is easy and fun!

PART I. Creating the Borders

STEP ONE: Trimming the Edges

After you’ve created your quilt, there will always be imperfect edges that you will have to trim. By using a heavy duty scissors, remove all of those excess cloths as a good start in preparing it to be bordered with pretty designs.


Finally, you’ve finished sewing your quilt. However, you want to add beautiful borders. In order to do so, we must start with measurements. First, measure height of the quilt and add at least two inches on both ends as space for errors. Next is to measure the width. It depends on you if you want a wide or narrow frame. After measuring, cut the cloth for your borders according to the measures.

Moreover, if you want a random and colorful border, what you could do is to cut pieces of cloths of the same width as you have measured and sew them together.



Let’s say you now have measured and cut the border designs that you chose. So the first step is to put these borders around the quilt and pin them so that it will not budge of its place. Just make sure to perfectly pin them on the designated border pattern that you have envisioned earlier in the process to avoid any mishaps.


mitered corners
Mitered corners look so good…

If you’re happy with the placement of the frames of the quilt, it is time to sew them together. You could use manual sewing or a sewing machine depending in your preferences. Do it from top to the end and leave the excess inches unharmed.


Once you’ve finished sewing parts of the borders, it is time to create the mitered corners. To start off, flip the quilt on the other side fold it into a big triangle. After doing so, organize the borders so they are perfectly on top of one another to even its lengths.

Next thing to do is to get a ruler, square ruler to be specific, and put it on the folded edge of the quilt near its corners. Now what you are going to do is on the border, draw a diagonal line to serve as a marking on where to sew based on the ruler. Do it on all of the corners of the big blanket.

Following it, you’ll pin the drawn line so it could be sewn accurately. And when you’re done, you could know carefully stitch the diagonal line. Don’t worry about the excess cloth; we’ll deal with that later.
Finally, once you’re done sewing, cut the excess border that is above the line that you sewed. Then flip the quilt over and flatten the corners. Then there you have it! The mitered corners for your quilt.

If you are having a hard time, you might want to do a test run with smaller cloths so that when it comes to the real quilt, it’ll be as perfect as you want it to be.

Moreover, there is another trick to do the mitered corner.


What you’re going to do is once you are sewing the borders on the quilt, leave the top and bottom parts a ¼ space with extra inches still. Do to all sides.

Now once you’ve done this, choose a one side first. Take the ¼ space strip and pull it outward horizontally with a 90-degree angle so that it’s level with the bottom side. With this, you have formed a triangle. Press the triangle with your thumb and fold it inward horizontally. Once it is on top of the quilt perfectly, sew and repeat.

And that was the tutorial on how to bind a quilt with mitered corners. It’s actually pretty easy as long as you have all the tools and kits. Remember to always practice to get your dream pieces to reality.