Best Places to Buy Handmade Quilts Online

A handmade quilt is not just a perfect way of recycling fabric that would otherwise go to waste, but a unique, thoughtful and practical way of marking an important occasion. It is not difficult to make quilts. You can have fabric custom made into anything – bedspread, table cloth, wall-hanging, labels and so on.

When you’d prefer to buy a quilt online, after finding out about a sale for twenty percent off , then there’s a few very good options for getting the highest-quality quilt.

There’s certain websites where expert quilters will hang out. The size and design of the quilt are also up to you. However, if you are pressed for time or can’t conceive considerable ideas for your desired custom-made quilts, don’t stress yourself while you can buy handmade quilts online.

Where to buy handmade quilts online

It is impossible to imagine not being among the best places to buy handmade quilts online. Etsy is a leading marketplace for craftspeople of all types. It is best-known for handmade crafts and crafts supplies.

Thousands of sellers and buyers who have accounts (Etsy accounts are free) make a very active community and there are hundreds of different types of quilts sold every day. You will get almost anything you can think of at Etsy.

2. ArtFire

Founded in 2008, ArtFire is an independent business that sells custom-made art and crafts online. The business prides itself in having passion for custom-made craft.

ArtFire is ideal for you if you are looking for interactive quilts and would love to support crafters’ small businesses.

3.Handmade by Amazon launched a new platform for talented artisans to showcase and sell their unique products. Handmade by Amazon is now the trusted source of handmade quilts for millions of Amazon customers from all over the world. Get on the site and skim through the different pieces available. You are sure to get something captivating and fitting your needs.


This site was created to provide crafters and artisans with a platform where they create and present their art and craft for sale.

In addition to this, Dawanda is a social stage for interaction among craft lovers and craft sellers. Every account holder can engage in forums and discussions about different kinds of crafts.

Dawanda is an ideal online source of custom-made quilts for everyone who has deep love for quilts. It can also be the best source if you are buying handmade quilts for the first time as you can get useful ideas and comments for free from other quilt lovers and quilt makers.


Are you looking for the most intuitively crafted handmade quilts? Folksay is a U.K-based marketplace for a wide variety of custom-made products including jewelry and clothing.

Craft items are shipped to any location worldwide. There is also a blog and forums section for people who’d like to be part of a diverse community of craft lovers.

6.Quilts for sale

This site was founded in 2005 and claims to be the best place to buy handmade quilts online. Passionate and talented quilters from across the U.S. and Canada come together at Quilts for Sale to showcase their distinctive products. Quilt lovers visit the site to view over 1000 quilts and leave delighted having found something heartwarming and memorable. Try Quilts for Sale and you will not be disappointed.

There are many places where you can buy handmade quilts online. However, customer reviews reveal that the above six are associated with high customer satisfaction. View the quilts available on any of these sites and be sure to get exactly what you need at a favorable price.