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About Us

In  1887, Hamilton, Wisc was a village on Cedar Creek just east of Cedarburg, Wisc. In addition to the Hamilton School, the village consisted of a Blacksmith Shop, a Hotel, a Rye Gristmill, a Tavern and a Stagecoach stop. The schoolhouse served as a school for the local children until 1958 when the school was closed and the children moved into the Grafton and Cedarburg school system. The schoolhouse was purchased by the Masons and served as a lodge until 2001 when it was purchased by George and Jeanie Rudich and converted to Ye Olde Schoolhouse quilt shop. The shop specializes in reproduction fabrics in addition to quilt patterns, stitchery, magazines, books, kits and all accessories needed for quilt projects. In addition to classes, the shop is home to many quilters who just like to spend the day in the classroom with other quilters to spend the day with several groups that meet in the school.

Quilt Team

Customer service is first and foremost at Ye Olde Schoolhouse. We all pride ourselves in our ability to help our customers.

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